square party tentSQUARE
300/400/500/600 cm

square party tentSQUARE
400/500/600 cm

square high party tentSQUARE – PAGODA ROOF
300/400/500 cm

party tentHEXAGON
600/800/1000 cm

marquee tent octagonOCTAGON
860 cm

Pavilions are party tents with a square base of 3 m, 4 m, 5 m and 6 m, hexagon base with a wall length of 3 m, 4 m, 5 m or octagon base with a wall length of 3.3 m.
event pavilions
Functional pavilions may be combined in any configuration.

These small tent forms are visually attractive due to the finesse of roof construction, high area of side walls. They are easy to install and may be ideally used for all types of advertising campaigns as reception desks, small catering areas and garden pavilions.

event tent

event tent 30x40x3m

Our another stunning event tent is covered entirely with reinforced transparent film. Measuring 30x40x3m and a height in the ridge of 9.15m it is an impressive event hall where concerts can also take place. The tent located in sunny Spain was based on the design with a mansard roof calculated assuming no snow loads and made of aluminum profiles Gamma 2.


In the case of this event hall, made for a french hotel organizing events in the charming castle, the concept of a party pavilion takes on a different meaning. In France, this type of event tents are called orangerie. The impressive, glass construction with dimensions of 20x20x3,15m (floor 30x20m) with elevated roof is inspired by oriental and colonial architecture. Interesting construction details are:
• windows made of “safety glass” in welded steel frame
• upper tilting windows on actuators
• steel braces instead of rope braces
• door with anti-panic locking system, adapted for wheelchair user

Event tents – pavilions

  • beer gardens
  • small selling stalls
  • pavilions for mass events (pavilions may be combined through walls)
  • roofing for small garden swimming pools
  • catering roofing (plenary party, wedding)
  • small scene for performances
  • garden roofing protecting from the sun
event pavilions - hexagon
event pavilions

Event pavilion – pagoda

Event pavilion - pagoda



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