Sports halls


Hale sportowe

It does not take a lot of time to build a sports facility – just take a closer look at our tent halls designed specifically as sports facilities or roofing structures for such objects. Potential applications include riding arenas for horses, roofing over skating rinks, roofing over canoe tracks and tennis courts. Our company has many years of experience in building sports halls which are always individually customised to the requirements of our customers.


Our sports halls are tailor-made in accordance with customer requirements. This means that they will satisfy even the most demanding users. We make sports halls in any size and shape including innovative semi-circular halls. We can adjust the width, length and height of the facility to a specific application. Halls are produced in any colour with or without advertising prints on their walls. You may also specify the number of windows and doors as well as the method of closing them.


All our sports halls are made from top quality materials – light aluminium profiles and galvanised steel elements. This gives them optimal stability, endurance and resistance to the weather. Usually put up within one day, our tent halls are easy-to-assemble sports facilities. Feel free to contact us so that we can prepare a detailed quotation for your sports facility.

Before you order

When placing the order, you will need to decide on:

  • pavilion model, its size and the height of side walls
  • wall, roof, gable and frill colour
  • overprint design if walls are to be covered by advertising prints
  • the number of windows and doors as well as the method of closing them
  • approximate collection/delivery date

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