Temporary buildings – storage tents are a sensible alternative to traditional storage halls.

In the common perception, tents are mainly associated with tourism, and are not perceived as large-area, durable architectural solutions, which serve all the functions of multi-seasonal storage halls.
In fact, temporary storage tents share some features with tourist tents:
mobility, no need to lay permanent foundations, and a PVC roof.
With regard to size, compared with tourist tents, storage tents can have substantial dimensions. In the storage-tent portfolios compiled by Pol-Plan, you can find tent halls as large as 9000 m2.
Temporary buildings are solid constructions made of aluminium sections, with shed and gable-end roofs as high as 15m and as wide as 50m.
All storage-tent-construction solutions must comply with standards which require the appropriate resistance to wind and snow loads present in a given location. Aluminium-section dimensions are adjusted to tent size and specific related construction loads.
Aluminium sections are additionally reinforced and protected against unfavourable atmospheric conditions in the anodic-treatment process. As a result of oxidation by acids, a protective aluminium-oxide layer is formed on the surface of aluminium-construction elements.
The lack of the need to apply permanent foundations does not mean that temporary buildings are not permanently attached to the ground in a manner ensuring safety.
Long bolts – anchor bolts – are used for this purpose, driven or posted into the ground in asphalt, pitcher, concrete, every levelled and hardened surface.

Thanks to construction without additional supporting elements, the storage area is as fully accessible as with traditionally built storage halls.
In the basic option, storage-tent walls can be made of durable, non-flammable, PVC material, with a basics weight of 670 – 900g/m2, which ensures the protection of stored goods for at least several years. A huge advantage of this solution is the possibility of easy and cost-effective repair and light transmission which allows the saving of electric energy throughout the day.

Reinforced construction of the storage buildings and increased thermal insulation can be achieved by applying cladding made of trapezoidal sheet or sandwich plate (heat-insulating foam between steel plates significantly improves the thermal properties of the storage tent).
In the case of roofs, cladding is always made of PVC material, which results from construction parameters and legal requirements. The thermal insulation of the storage-tent roofs can be increased by applying a pumped roof.
In the case of such a solution, a heater, which pumps warm air between PVC membranes, is a necessary device.

Temporary buildings like storage tents can meet all the requirements of modern storage halls.
Modularity is a key feature of any construction.

If need be, storage halls can be easily and inexpensively enlarged by adding subsequent segments, connections, or loading docks, developing complex logistical solutions.
Unlike traditional storage halls, temporary buildings can be easily disassembled and assembled in other place (assembly time 1 – 3 days). Their construction durability allows storage-tent halls to be used for at least 10 years.

The additional equipment indispensable, among other things, for ensuring the optimal conditions for goods being stored, can include heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, windows, doors, gates, and lighting.

Temporary buildings  – storage tents are particularly attractive investments with in terms of price in comparison with traditional building solutions.

Pol-Plan boasts a rich portfolio of constructed temporary buildings for clients from various sectors:
• storehouses for shipbuilding yards
• tyre storehouses
• construction-material storehouses
• hay storehouses
• food storehouses

temporary buildings

temporary buildings

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