Temporary warehouses as tyre storage.

The time for switching your summer tyres to winter tyres is coming. Traditionally, this is the time of peak demand for the tyre industry.

The obvious seasonality of demand for tyres makes additional storage space a potentially important asset that allows for increased profitability in a competitive market.

The rapid increase of storage space in a traditional way is associated with significant costs.
Temporary warehouses – storage tents are the best alternative solution. The cost of erecting a storage tent with an area of 1000–2000 sqm is, on average, 25% of the cost of a warehouse facility built in a traditional way.

Temporary warehouses are in no way inferior to traditional warehouse facilities in terms of functionality, durability (resistance to wind and snow loads at a given location) and usability.
Storage tents have one undeniable advantage over traditional solutions – their speed of assembly and disassembly (1-3 days), which allows them to be treated as mobile solutions and used in any convenient location without permanent foundations.

Depending on your needs, a temporary warehouse can be a very cheap construction with PVC panels or a fully equipped warehouse with sandwich panel walls, an inflated roof that provides better thermal insulation, heating and lighting systems and sliding doors.

Across the tyre industry we have many satisfied customers who have decided to invest in storage tents.

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Our tent halls will really endure even the most extreme weather conditions!
Aluminum construction – snow load of up to 150-250 kg/m²!

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