Warehouse halls


Hale magazynowe

Our company offers top-quality tent warehouse halls. They have been designed for demanding customers looking for customised, quick-to-assemble warehouse space at an affordable price. Halls are made to special order taking account of our customers’ wishes. This makes them perfect not only as warehouse areas, but also garages, roofing over tennis courts, riding arenas or event facilities.

Example applications

Warehouse tent halls are available in the following sizes: width from 15 to 25 metres and any length (with modules at every 5 metres). Lateral walls may be from 3 to 6 metres high. When placing your order, please specify the colours of the roof, walls and other elements. We can also cover the walls with advertising prints. In addition, we make doors or gates and windows in the number specified by the customer with a selected method of closing (including as gates and stationary doors).


We produce tent warehouse halls with the use of top-quality profiles which are not only light, but also resilient. Other structural elements are made from fire galvanised steel which makes them corrosion-proof. Lateral walls are covered with PCV, trapezoid sheet or sandwich slabs.

Before you order

When placing the order, you will need to decide on:

  • pavilion model, its size and the height of side walls
  • wall, roof, gable and frill colour
  • overprint design if walls are to be covered by advertising prints
  • the number of windows and doors as well as the method of closing them
  • approximate collection/delivery date

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